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Customer Support

As a customer of ours, we think it's important that you know exactly what to expect from us.

That's why we created our Customer's Bill of Rights.

We pledge to be clear, upfront and fair with you right from the start--with no hidden fees or contract surprises. We understand that the success of our business is based on the success of our customer's business.

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Agent Support

At DMS, we value our agents. We believe they deserve the same transparency and respect that our customers receive.

That's why we created our Agent's Bill of Rights.

DMS is currently hiring qualified agents. Candidates must complete a background check and have at least 6 months experience. Agents will have the choice to earn bonus money for signing accounts, or to earn lifetime residual income. Contact DMS today for details!

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Technical Support

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Our business is to keep your business up and growing! Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

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Customers Bill of Rights with DMS

  1. Client will be provided full disclosure of rates and fees and who charges what.
  2. Clients who are PCI compliant will never be billed a PCI fee.
  3. Client will receive consulting services as needed from time to time, included in our services.
  4. In most situations, Client may terminate their agreement with us for no penalty, provided they give DMS a 45-day notice.
  5. Client will have access to In-House Technical support, locally and nationally, 24/7/365. English or Spanish speaking.
  6. Client will have choices in choosing the product, services, and price that fits their business model.
  7. Client will have our Rate Match Guarantee. DMS will match or beat any valid and fair rate offer, from any competitor.
  8. DMS will lock-in the rates and fees charged to Client. Only time rates will change is if the interchange cost changes. DMS will only pass through the differences, even if interchange costs decrease. (yes this does happen sometimes!)
  9. DMS works for the Client, and the Client only. Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Agents Bill of Rights with DMS

  1. Partnership - We will treat you like the valued partner you are throughout our relationship, because we believe that our success depends upon yours.
  2. Knowledge and Education - We will keep you fully informed of any changes that affect your business, whether positive or negative, and provide knowledge and education that help you grow your business quickly.
  3. Responsiveness - We will answer calls expeditiously, and return voice messages promptly. You will be treated with care and respect, because every contact we have with you is Important to us.
  4. Effective Support - Our business and technical support staff will have the answers you need, the solutions to your problems, or the ability to help you get them, so that your time with us is effectively spent.
  5. Management Capability - You will have the capacity to manage your merchant's needs and the information to do so, keeping you in control of your business.
  6. Timely Funding - We will deliver your funds and your residual payments on a timely basis.
  7. Clarity of Reporting - Reports and charts will be clear and unambiguous, so that you can readily understand the calculation of fees, residuals, and payments.
  8. Unrestricted Opportunity - Your revenue opportunity will depend only on the effort you choose to put into generating it - we are here to help, not hinder you.
  9. Competitive Advantages - We will provide you with features, tools, and other competitive advantages as we develop them. As a partner, we will look to you for input on the things that will make you more competitive.
  10. Uniqueness - We will give you resources and capabilities that help you distinguish yourself from other offerings.